Finding the time to spend on yourself can seem unthinkable for both women and men. Nevertheless, everyone warrants some time to spoil him- or herself, by being indulged. Spas are the finest way to escape from it all, what is more, reviving your body.  More and more men are accepting the importance of feeling and looking good. Increasingly, men see spas less as a pampering tool, and more as a health requirement.  Although we are so often quick to accept a spa day as women’s activity, this is not at all the case. Menfolk have utilised spas for many years, even for centuries, what is more, for the same reasons as women − to feel and look great.

Menfolk have Continuously Visited Spas

Both women and men have been going to spas for ages —the concept is unquestionably nothing novel. Spa treatments are one of the oldest practices known to mankind. From the ancient Romans to the Byzantines, humankind has cherished spas for their quality of affording well-being to regular users.

The concept that spas are only for women is a relativity contemporary idea. This idea is beginning to change, with menfolk of different ages booking spa treatments, and placing importance on their appearance.

What Spa Treatments are there for Men?

The spa treatments for men are very similar to those offered to women. The treatments are, however, planned with various types of men in mind. The treatments are intended to pamper you from head to toe. From manicures to facials to a full body massage with hot stones, spas are there to bring you relaxation and comfort, and to help you to feel and look your best. Naturally, the spa treatments you select are completely up to you.

For those working long hours, and looking a bit tired, a facial is guaranteed to re-energise your skin. Not only will the facial help you to relax, it will hydrate your skin, and help to amplify cell regeneration. The result will be a fresher and younger-feeling you.  Another popular treatment is both manicures and pedicures for men. No businessman can afford to sport dirty, broken, or bitten fingernails. Bad grooming will suggest that you are not scrupulous, which could translate to your business dealings. Impressions count with clients. It is a simple matter to book a manicure. This can easily be fitted in even by the busiest of executive.

Don’t forget about your feet. Not only can a pedicure enhance your appearance, it can be extremely relaxing. The therapist will buff your nails, and exfoliate dead skin from your feet, while giving you a professional massage that will assist with blood circulation. Trust us, once you have had one pedicure, you will come back for more – it’s one of the most relaxing massage therapies available.

When is the Best Time for Men to Visit the Spa?

The simple answer is – it depends on the type of treatment you are seeking. A package booking will mean a full day at the spa, for you to benefit by the spa package. A half-day package is also available, as is even a night-spa package. However, if you seek a single treatment, it is essential to pre-book. You will not then have to wait − when you walk in, all will be prepared for you.

Therefore, Men, why are You Delaying?

As you are now aware of what to expect from your spa visit, why don’t you book your spa experience? We offer an array of spa treatments and packages just for you. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and retreat to one of our spas. Look good − feel even better.

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