How to create heaven in your bathroom

The bathroom is the place in the home where many of us to go relax and unwind after the stresses of a long and stressful day – it provides a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but a bathroom can also be an uninspired area when it comes to decor.

There are ways to turn your bathroom into the ultimate spa escape that do not break the budget, but if you are scratching your head, wondering how to do so, these tips will help.

Create a cosy barrier

One of the reasons why we love spas so much is because they act as a barrier from the outside world. To further enhance this feeling in your home bathroom, you could put a shower curtain around your bath (if you have one) or change the shower curtain you already have to one that is dramatically coloured. This barrier will help you to focus on relaxing and cleansing your stressed body, rather than thinking about everything you still have left to do. You could even put pot plants with tall leaves around your tub, obscuring the view of the rest of your bathroom and allowing you to indulge in a truly relaxing soak.

Embrace fluffiness

If there is one thing to change in an everyday bathroom in order to elevate it to spa level, it is the bathroom sets, such as towels and other elements. Go from the standard bathroom towels to the soft, plush, fluffy ones that are commonly found in spas across the world. This luxuriousness will transport you, making even leaving the warmth of the water a pleasant and relaxing experience. Go one step further and choose white or neutral colours that will help to induce a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Declutter with style

Are your toiletries and bathroom essentials strewn around on the countertops in no particular order? This type of clutter and disorganisation would not be allowed in any quality spa, nor should it be allowed in your bathroom. Organise your essentials in pretty glass jars or porcelain holders, staying with clean, crisp lines and colours. You could consider buying an inexpensive bath tray, allowing you to line up your goodies in front of you while you relax in a bath. If you have a shower, invest in a corner caddy to hold your shampoos, conditioners and other necessities.

Dim the lights

If you have harsh overhead lights that highlight all the wrong things, consider choosing candlelight as an alternative. Not only will this save you on the electricity bill, but dimmer lighting is known for aiding relaxation and scented candles will transform a simple shower into a spa experience. Opt for light, floral fragrances for candles, as muskier notes can be unpleasant when mixed with the other scents, such as body washes and bubble bath. Be careful of where you place the candles, however, avoid placing them close to towels or bathroom sets that may be easily burned or damaged by the flame.

Neutral colours are best

For any accessories, such as plush bathroom sets or curtains, it is best to choose neutral colours, or even go for pure white. The colour of the room can often set the mood, which is why spas use neutral hues and crisp whites, colours which are proven to be relaxing and calming. If you are looking to add interest to your bathroom, choose accessories in light greens and blues or choose plants to bring in an element of nature indoors.

Magnificent mirrors

Having a simple but elegant mirror in a strategic place can help to add to the spa-like experience. One example is placing it in a corner that has just the right amount of sunlight in the late afternoon, so the mirror can reflect this warming light around the room. Having a mirror placed facing a window that has a stunning view, but is just out of reach when you are bathing or showering, can allow you to see this view without having to strain your neck. Choose mirrors without a gaudy frame and have simple clean lines.

Indulge every sense

To indulge fully, you need to address every sense that you have. For visual appeal, keep your bathroom simple, neutral and clean, while also remembering to keep clutter out. To engage your sense of hearing, you can buy an inexpensive shower speaker and use it to play relaxing music or, better yet, simply turn off all phones and electronic devices to avoid hearing that annoying ringing while you are trying to destress.

A spa bathroom does not have to break the bank or take hours to complete. If you buy the best, softest bathroom sets and use softly scented candles, then you are well on the way to creating the ultimate spa experience – all in the comfort of your own home.

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