How does a full body massage reduce stress?

There are many types of massage out there, but I think we will deal with how any form of massage can reduce stress. Hopefully, most times you have been for a massage it has been good a good experience. Is it worth the money to expect real results?

In actual fact there have been many studies conducted that prove how beneficial massage is for stress. There is a long list of massage benefits such as pain relief, but how does massage reduce your stress levels?

A certain amount of stress is good, but the problem is when it becomes prolonged and you are in a perpetual state of worry, tension and anxiety. This can cause a number of negative health effects and even long term chronic health issues.

• High blood pressure
• Digestive Disorders
• Depression
• Headaches

Massage therapy and specifically having a full body massage can help to relax the whole body. The treatment helps to calm your mind and distract you from your daily worries. The body reduces the amount of stress hormones being released. The effect this has on your body helps to reduce your blood pressure, slows down breathing and relaxes tight muscles.

Keeping stress under control can also help you to focus more at work and live an improved quality of life.

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