Five Benefits of Head Massage

Do you like to have your scalp massaged? Ever thought about the benefits of this type of massage therapy? There is far more to a head massage than simply combating strain and anxiety. This is an Ayurvedic form of relaxation. As well as healing and relaxing, a head massage helps to enhance the energy flow by massaging the head, shoulders, and neck. But here is why you should get more head massages.

Massage helps to slows down the heart rate and reduce blood pressure: high blood pressure is called the silent killer, since there are no symptoms. Women are also subject to high blood pressure. Massage is a natural method of tackling high blood pressure problems: there are no adverse side effects. Head massage, according to research studies, can minimise unstable blood pressure in addition to reducing stress-hormone levels, decreasing the likelihood of kidney failure or heart attacks.
Massage also helps to enhance blood circulation: sluggish blood flow can lead to fatigue and aches. While this may well be owing to poor blood circulation, head massage, using pressure point techniques, can speed up blood flow from the blocked areas, encouraging fresh blood to the area. With regular circulation, oxygen-rich blood can restore damaged and tense muscles. Massage helps to flush out lactic acid and enhance the movement of lymph fluid, removing waste from muscles and internal organs. All in all, head massages help you to lead a healthier life.

A professional massage helps to increase circulation to the scalp: a head, neck, and shoulder massage not only augments blood circulation, it promotes healthy hair growth. Massage stimulates blood vessels of the scalp, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. When a head massage is combined with the right oils, it can provide a treatment for dandruff. Using appropriate essential oils can help to speed up hair growth, fostering shiny, thick, and healthy-looking hair.

Massage is known to relieve headaches: a head, neck, and shoulder massage can alleviate tension headaches, reducing symptoms of migraine headaches in most people. It is normal to have tension in the neck, head, and upper back. However, massaging the relevant muscles, and ironing out the knots by putting pressure on these areas, stimulates both blood flow and cerebral fluid.

Massage is associated with better sleep: many sufferers from insomnia can benefit from having a head, neck, and shoulder massage. Hurtling along in our modern lives, many of us simply accept insomnia as part of life’s busyness. It is well known that insomnia can lead to health issues. A good head massage induces relaxation, allowing one to fall asleep and remain asleep.

To conclude: A head, neck, and shoulder massage can help with more than improved blood circulation, thicker and faster hair growth, fewer tension headaches, and improved lymphatic drainage: it affords a renewed feeling of well-being. A head massage is a means of attaining contentment and general well-being.

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