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Deluxe Massage is the only oil candle massage London that combines the benefits of massages, aromatherapy, and beauty treatments. This innovative product is designed to deliver a full-body experience that helps you relax, heal, and rejuvenate.

About Candle Massage

Reward yourself with a candle massage

Candle massage is a calming and therapeutic experience that can be done in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for people who do not have the time to go to a spa, or for those who want to be pampered while doing the hard work of taking care of their home. We offer customized packages depending on your needs, budget, and time.

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Experience a new way of relaxation

Introducing a new way to unwind and relax by adding a little aromatherapy to your massage routine.

Touch. Warmth. Relief.

Your own personal massage therapist

Aromatherapy candles melt into a luxurious oil to massage your body, mind, and soul.

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Deluxe Massage London

Discover benefits of candle massage oil therapy

Through our wide variety of benefits, you can discover what Oil Candle massage therapy is all about. You will not believe how great it feels until you experience it for yourself.

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Candle Massage Benefits

We offer an assortment of benefits that will help you relieve stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue, and many more—all without having to spend too much time or money on expensive treatments.

Eliminate stress and tiredness

Get better sleep, wake up refreshed and with more energy.

Attenuates pain and muscular cramps

Improves digestion

Improves the brain’s concentration

Improves the blood circulation and limpha

Creates a full body relaxation

Improve your fitness level for a whole new you

Invigorate the skin

Creates a full-body relaxation

Fortify the immunity system

Helps to eliminate the toxins from the body

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Deluxe Massage

Why choose a candle massage therapy

Candle massage is an innovative and highly effective therapy that can be done anywhere. It’s comprised of two steps: first, the therapist melts a candle on a plate to produce liquid wax. Second, they dip their hand into the liquid wax and spread it over your body. The result is a warm, soothing massage from the inside out.

Experience a new level of relaxation
We use a combination of natural oils and a carefully chosen blend of fragrances for a truly holistic therapy session.
A therapy designed to heal both body and mind
The technique is specially designed to help you relax, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress.
The perfect way to spend your day off
Treat yourself to Deluxe Massage’s oil candle massage therapy and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Candle massage UK

Candle Massage Therapy. A new way to relax.

Experience the next level of relaxation with Deluxe’s Oil Candle massage therapy. Our massage therapist will use traditional techniques like Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu, but they’ll also incorporate the benefits of an Oil Candle that eliminate toxins and revitalize your senses.

A true delight for your senses, due to its aromatherapy elements, The Candle Massage is a truly special treatment that uses the warm oil from our special candles while offering you a both relaxing and stimulating massage. With the help of pure and natural essential oils stored in the candle, the technique used while performing this massage is one that focuses on soft touches offering your skin all the pampering it needs while gaining more elasticity.

A new generation pain relief method, for your whole body – head to foot.

Experience the healing power of our customized massage by applying the healing oils right in the comfort of your own home

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Candle massage prices

We provide luxurious oil candle massage, a unique treatment utilizing hand-made candles made with superior skin nurturing ingredients. When lit, these candles provide a sensual aroma perfect for creating the perfect mood. Melt some candles–your massage oil is ready!

Customers’ choice
+ 20£ travel
1h oil massage therapy
+ 20£ travel
90min oil massage therapy
+ 20£ travel
2h oil candle massage therapy

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Most frequent questions and answers


An oil candle massage is a type of massage that is done with a candle. Candles are heated and then the person receiving the massage lies down on a towel or sheet. The heat from the candle penetrates into their skin, which helps loosen up the tension in their muscles. The massager will then use their hands to massage them throughout the body.No, the original candle should be enough for the entire massage session.
The benefits of an oil candle massage are that it is therapeutic and calming. This type of massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which helps to maintain a state of relaxation.People can get this type of massage in many different ways, such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, and more. It is becoming popular because it can be done right at home with the use of candles, but there are also many other benefits that come with an oil candle massage. One of our targets it is to get you someone in about one hour.We reserve our right to ask for a deposit if there is no booking history with our company, otherwise the payment can be done to the therapist, on arrival.
Treat an oil candle as a complementary tool to massage therapy. It can be used in different ways for different purposes, depending on the client’s needs.1) Place an oil candle on the floor near your client. This way you will cover a larger surface area and it will cover your client with its light and fragrance. You can also use these candles for massage therapy session in which you use the hot wax to remove the tension from knots or tight muscles.2) Place an oil candle on a table close to your client’s head so they can let their neck relax while they are lying down for a full body massage. This method is perfect if you want them to focus more on relaxation than pain relief during their session.
This is a short and simple question that can be easily answered.The oil candle must be high enough to come up to the shoulders of the massage therapist. It should also be hot enough for therapeutic purposes.
This is a question that one would never expect to be asked. Once you start thinking about it, the answer becomes pretty clear. The use of oil candles can be traced back to ancient times where they were used to make fragrant oils. Oil candles are popular for their ability to create soothing aromas, as well as providing light.The answer to the question is that it really depends on how long you want your massage for! Some people may only want just a few minutes, while others may want an hour-long massaging session!
Candles are a great way to create a relaxing environment. They release a soothing scent and can help you to relax. But, does the candle have to be changed often? No, the original candle should be enough for the entire massage session.
It is a fact that candles have been around for centuries and have been used in many areas of life. From aromatherapy, to calming a room full of people, to the warmth in the wintertime, candles are a key part in our society. However, in recent years, candles have been used for something even more practical – massage therapy. No, the original candle should be enough for the entire massage session.
Massage candles are a great way to provide a relaxing massage experience at home.To make an even more therapeutic experience, it is important to consider what kind of oil you want your candle to use. For example, if you want the massage to be hard and rough, you should look for oils like eucalyptus and peppermint. If the massage is supposed to be soft and smooth, then try oils like lavender and vanilla.


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