Seven Pathways For Getting Out of Pain

Man having neck massage in the spa salon

There are MANY different options for treating common musculoskeletal pains. For example, back pain is often treated with stretching, strengthening, motor control, massage, yoga, etc. Which methods are worth trying? Of course, you should consult a medical professional for guidance. But chances are, they will prescribe one specific way to treat it, without telling you […]

How Massage Therapy Impacts Your Mental Health And Wellness

massage therapy for mental health

Take a better look at mental health and wellness during massage therapy What’s taking place inside your head throughout your session? The most noticeable influence of massage on your psychological wellness is your hormone levels. In a number of massage therapy researches, researchers have actually taped increased serotonin and dopamine degrees, and decreased cortisol levels […]

How to create heaven in your bathroom

Man having neck massage in the spa salon

The bathroom is the place in the home where many of us to go relax and unwind after the stresses of a long and stressful day – it provides a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but a bathroom can also be an uninspired area when it comes to decor. There are […]


how to boost your immunity

We have all been affected, to a greater or lesser degree, by the virus prevalent in our society. We need now to take charge of its spread by going back to basics. We should all have been washing our hands frequently in any case, to minimize the spread of all sorts of germs. Viruses have […]

Give yourself a Head Massage

how to make head massage

A head massage can assist to release tension and increase blood flow, which is good for your hair. And you can give yourself a head massage and reap the benefits. First, find a relaxing spot and place your phone on silent. You can burn burning oil to enhance your experience. Sit with your back supported, then run your […]


Deluxe spa for men in London

Finding the time to spend on yourself can seem unthinkable for both women and men. Nevertheless, everyone warrants some time to spoil him- or herself, by being indulged. Spas are the finest way to escape from it all, what is more, reviving your body.  More and more men are accepting the importance of feeling and looking […]

Five Benefits of Head Massage

benefits of head massage

Do you like to have your scalp massaged? Ever thought about the benefits of this type of massage therapy? There is far more to a head massage than simply combating strain and anxiety. This is an Ayurvedic form of relaxation. As well as healing and relaxing, a head massage helps to enhance the energy flow […]

How does a full body massage reduce stress?

full body massage

There are many types of massage out there, but I think we will deal with how any form of massage can reduce stress. Hopefully, most times you have been for a massage it has been good a good experience. Is it worth the money to expect real results? In actual fact there have been many […]

17 Benefits of Massage Therapy

15 Benefits of Massage Therapy

There is no doubt that massage therapy has a lot of benefits. Sure, it can help you relax, but massage therapy can do much more than that.  Beside the obvious reason of convenience, here are 17 other reasons why you should consider our Mobile Massage Therapy Service!    Relieves muscle tension by enhancing blood flow, […]